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Our Story

Welcome to Happy Lilliput, your destination for exquisite celebration attire. As the driving force behind this women-owned brand, I'd like to share a personal tale. I'm Megha, and my journey commenced with a profound adoration for enchanting designs, captivating fabrics, and intricate details from my early years.

 It all unfolded when I stumbled upon the enchanting allure of tulle textiles. Its delicate texture and dreamy essence ignited my creativity. Faced with the challenge of finding beautiful dresses for my daughter, I took matters into my own hands by crafting her attire. Inspired by the purity and magic of childhood, I embarked on a mission to fashion exceptional dresses that would evoke the true princess within little girls.

Each Happy Lilliput creation is a labor of devotion. Our skilled artisans invest their passion into meticulously handcrafting every dress and gown. Layer by layer, they intertwine soft tulle, satin, and cotton, forming garments that drift like a gentle zephyr. Embellished with exquisite hand-made flowers and delicate ornaments, each piece is a work of art radiating grace and beauty.

At Happy Lilliput, we take pride in our dedication to quality and sustainability. As a zero waste brand, we are committed to maximizing the utility of every trim, artfully creating exquisite accessories and delicate petals for our handmade flowers. Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond waste reduction; we embrace a bespoke approach, avoiding mass production and meticulously tailoring each dress to order. This contributes significantly to preserving an eco-friendly environment. We thoughtfully source the finest materials from across the globe, ensuring that each garment is crafted with the utmost care. Our selection of tulle fabric is based on its softness, lightness, and its ability to create that perfect twirl. We incorporate 100% organic cotton lining, which is not only gentle on sensitive skin but also breathable and hypoallergenic. Our aim is to deliver comfort without compromising on style.

The handcrafted flowers adorning our dresses reflect the artistry and dedication woven into every stitch. They infuse a touch of enchantment and grace, breathing life into each design.

Childhood, a time of boundless wonder and delight, is cherished at Happy Lilliput. Our emblem, a shooting star, embodies the endless imagination and dreams of children. Just like a shooting star, our designs inspire joy and empower little ones to reach for their dreams. We want every child wearing our dresses to feel that they can make their wishes come true.


Our enchanting collection offers a broad array of designs and styles, perfectly suited for birthdays, weddings, graduations, recitals, and all special occasions. Each dress not only exudes beauty but also offers comfort and a touch of mystique, allowing little princesses to dance, play, and explore with ease. I extend an invitation to embark on this whimsical journey with us at Happy Lilliput, where elegance harmonizes with playfulness.


At Happy Lilliput, let's forge our unique way,

Where elegance mingles with joviality,

day by day.

In a world of enchantment, where dreams take flight,

Crafting memories that sparkle,

eternally bright.

In the hearts of our princesses,

memories ignite,

With Happy Lilliput, dreams ascend to their height.

For selecting our realm of delight, so polite.



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