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My Inspiring Journey to Bhuj, Gujarat

July 2024 | Megha Patil

Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to visit Bhuj, Gujarat, on a sourcing trip that deeply touched my heart. There, I met a community of extraordinary women artisans who work with such generosity and joy, not just for themselves but to support their families. Their dedication and happiness in their craft were truly inspiring.


As I walked through the vibrant markets, I was captivated by the beautiful handmade fabrics. Each piece was a testament to the skill and heritage of these talented women. Meeting the locals and learning from them was an experience I'll never forget. They showed me how we can preserve and celebrate Indian art, ensuring it continues to sparkle and twirl across generations.

With Happy Lilliput, my mission goes beyond sourcing stunning fabrics. I'm working closely with a few American designers, helping them grow their brands by bridging the gap between Indian and international markets. This collaboration is about more than just business; it's about blending cultures and appreciating the unique beauty of Indian craftsmanship.


Happy Lilliput stands for sustainability, zero waste, and creating opportunities for marginalized communities in India. We are dedicated to supporting women and small businesses, helping them shine. My time in Bhuj reinforced the luxury of India's rich heritage, the love, hospitality, and immense care of its people.

By working with Happy Lilliput, you can be part of this beautiful journey. Together, we can ensure that these traditions continue to thrive, creating a positive future for many. Let's sparkle, twirl, and rule the world, one handcrafted piece at a time.

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